In English, Teknologiakurssi

Summer course summed up, Romulo

The Uutuus project was an extremely rewarding experience, both professionally and personally, primarily because I had the opportunity to convey some of my knowledge about engineering and other technologies such as 3D modeling, and has shown a bit of the reality of Brazil, which initially was unknown to young Finns who are about to choose their profession and area of their university studies.

They showed great interest in learning, and great intelligence, along with a great creativity with regard to robotics and 3D technology, in this case we used Autodesk Inventor as 3D modeling software. The common project that they draw was a mobile phone dock station, which I suggest them to design and print, to also have this as a memory of the project afterwards, and they really appreciated the idea.

On the personal side was amazing to be able to live with young Finnish and learn from them, and also to observe the difference in the behavior of Finnish and Brazilian students. One of the things I found interesting is that most of them had a lot of experience to pass on several areas, and also the excellent level of English spoken by them, which is intriguing to young people around 17 years.

Overall, I am very grateful for the opportunity to have been part of this project, and possibly have captivated and excited those students in relation to the technological universe, and the globalized world, and somehow have contributed to their life, and the realization of this project.

Thanks everyone!

Rômulo Borba Vicente

I am a Brazilian student, last year student of mechanical engineering and studying shipbuilding in Finland. I am passionate by technology and engineering, and its being really rewarding to be living here in Finland and working at an amazing enviroment which is Koneteknologiakeskus. Since Autumn 2013 I’m engaged in many projects within Turku UAS and other companies. Currently I am working for the FinBraTech, a project of the Finnish government headed by Turku UAS and other many institutes in Finland. The intention is to bring Finnish companies and R&D institutes to the Brazilian market, specially at the marine and offshore area.




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