In English, Teknologiakurssi

Summer course summed up, Herbert

The experience during the 2 weeks of the summer course was really useful for me because I had the opportunity to learn from the high school kids and share part of my engineering and life knowledge with them. Almost all of the students were always interested about the subjects and were paying attention on classes and explanations that we gave to them. All the students that came to the Koneteknologiakeskus revealed a great capacity to learn and execute their projects. They also have a good English level and good capacity to communicate with everybody. Their final presentations were pretty good taking resourcefulness as point of view, They didn’t have any kind of problem to talk about the projects developed by them and to prepare the material to present. I was glad when I heard that some of them have even changed their minds and are now considering to be an engineer in the future. Through my point of view, the project went good and gave us points to consider to the next one that will make it better and more interesting to the high school kids and will make them learn more different things.

Herbert Campêlo, 30/06/2014

I’m 26 years old, I’m on the last year of mechanical engineering degree. I came to Finland as a shipbuilding exchange student and my time here has been amazing. I’m working in KTK on the FinBraTech, project between the Finnish and Brazilian governments, and I also helped on the UUTUUS project, summer technological course to high school students.



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